Vision Statement

We believe that everyone has the right to be the best they can be. Our vision is to have all youth with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) living, learning, working, and playing in supportive and inclusive families, communities and schools. We envision a world that is informed to encourage and foster the strengths of those living with FASD.

Mission Statements

  • We empower youth with an FASD to make successful and appropriate transitons among vocational, educational, and community supports, and to be active members of society.
  • We create a sense of belonging for youth with an FASD through genuine, transformational and compassionate relationships that foster acceptance and dignity.
  • We build on students’ strengths to promote individualized academic success through innovative, inclusive, and adaptive programming, strategies, and environments.
  • We use the success coach model to collaboratively engage in dedicated, authentic, multi-tiered mentoring relationships that build capacity, inspire, and validate.
  • We ensure the right supports at the right time in the right place by using a wrap-around approach. We employ the strengths-based vocational, social, emotional, and physical supports that enable personal growth and that build bridges between families, communities, and schools.
  • We promote awareness of and education about FASD to shape environments in which youth with an FASD can grow into resilience.
  • Our multi-disciplinary teams are committed to continual learning, development, and best practices.