Supports 4 Student Success Toolkit

The Supports for Student Success Toolkit has been developed by the Wellness, Resiliency and Partnerships (WRaP) Project as a guide for educators and administrators supporting students suspected of living with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).

Supports for students are most effective when they are relationally-based. Relationally-based support is a universal strategy that benefits all children and youth, especially those living with FASD. Encouraging and supportive relationships with teachers and mentors in the school environment contribute to a positive school experiences for students living with FASD. Supporting students with FASD begins with an understanding FASD as a brain-based disability and a medical diagnosis, which ultimately informs the strategies for successful interventions.

Select a toolkit below, to learn tips, ideas & strategies to support academic success, student engagement, social and emotional and physical well-being or/and prevention of suspensions